The Gold Standard of RecruitingTM

We do good old-fashioned recruiting and sourcing... We serve candidates by showing the path to outstanding career opportunities; and we serve our clients by delivering exceptional candidates who add intrinsic value to their respective organizations from Day One...

About Executive Search Services

Executive Search Services is a boutique recruiting firm that opened its doors in 2005; founded on the principals of non-commoditized, relationship-based sourcing and recruiting. We like to think of ourselves as the Gold Standard of Recruiting, with traditional, relationship-based recruiting and sourcing.

Our Mission

To create a win-win constellation, in which our clients are presented with excellent candidates who can add intrinsic value to their organizations from Day One; and one in which quality candidates are presented with compelling career opportunities that serve their personal-, professional-, and career development goals.

Our Core Values

Integrity above all. We are honest and ethical in everything we do. We keep our commitments and treat others with mutual respect and trust.  

Our Vision

To become the most respected and trusted non-commoditized recruiting firm in the Los Angeles area.

Our Divisions