Healtcare and Clinical Consulting

Contingent, project-based, contract Healthcare and Clinical consulting opportunites with Executive Search Services' clients


Executive Search Services consulting is adept in providing the following services to the Healthcare community:

Medical Record Coding

Executive Search Services is able to provide quality, experienced staff both onsite and remotely in order to cover vacations, an open seat, or to get the DNFB backlog caught up. Each of our coders have been tested, audited, and has gone through an extensive pre-hire checklist to make sure that they meet the standards that our clients demand. Our coders have on average over 12 years of experience and have consistently exceeded clients’ expectations.

  • Executive Search Services is able to provide a remote option to our clients needs by providing dedicated computers and coding personnel that ensure that all security and privacy guidelines are being followed. By working with our clients’ IT/IS Departments we are able to lower the costs of travel and non-coding related costs dramatically.
  • Executive Search Services is able to provide EMR training and transition coding to our clients by providing onsite coverage during the training phase and then remote/onsite coding during the ramp up period of moving to the EMR from paper charts
  • Executive Search Services is able to provide onsite coding coverage throughout the United States on a local, regional, and national level.
  • Informatica
  • Ab Initio
  • SSIS

Cancer Tumor Registry

  • Executive Search Services is able to provide CTR assistance both onsite and remotely. Each CTR has gone through an intensive pre-hire checklist and is able to assist in keeping our clients in compliance with State regulations.
  • With more and more states cutting budgets, it has fallen on the hospitals to ensure that Cancer Data is being reported in a timely manner. One call to Executive Search Services will ease the worry of how a hospital is going to remain in compliance.
  • Our consultants have experience in both setting up and maintaining both an accredited and non-accredited program. Executive Search Services will tailor a program to fit each client's needs.

Medical Record Technicians

  • As HIM grows and moves into the electronic environment, it has become clear that the need for skilled, experienced HIM technicians is more important than ever.
  • Qualified, experienced HIM support staff can make the difference and complete your month on schedule.
  • Executive Search Services is pleased to offer Technical Services; one company for all your coding, cancer registry, technical and special project needs:
    • Assembly/ Analysis Techs
    • Scan/ Index Techs
    • Release Of Information Techs
    • Master Patient Index Techs
    • Delinquent Chart Technicians
    • Birth/ Death Certificate Technicians
    • File Room Clerical Support
  • Executive Search Services will provide your department with trained HIM Technicians to complete the record process in a timely and efficient manner.
  • We understand that each HIM professional is expected to perform at their top function to ensure that the work will be completed precisely and under budget.
  • Executive Search Services can provide facilities with long term, short term, or backlog support for all technical and clerical positions.
  • Our associates have been trained and have already performed above average in the position that they are placed into.
  • Our goal is to ensure the smallest amount of training possible so you can get the most from your temporary services.

Special Projects

  • Special projects have become extremely common in the HIM field due to the changes in technology and requirements. Even one has a wonderful long-term staff, they are not always able to complete their regularly assigned work as well as the current special project.
  • Executive Search Services can provide trained HIM technicians to help with this additional work.
    • Backlogs (any type)
    • MPI Cleanup or Management
    • EHR Implementation
    • Purge Projects
  • Whether to provide back up for daily work or to focus completely on your special project, our technicians have the skill and training necessary to complete your project quickly and efficiently.
  • Executive Search Services understands that special projects are precisely budgeted and requires each associate to take responsibility for the timely completion.