Job Seeker Information

  • We invest the necessary time up front to gain a thorough insight into your needs, meeting with you in person and gaining an understanding of your vision for long-term employment.  

Our Placement Process

We invest the time to meet with you on a one-on-one basis so that we may:

  • Understand your professional competence.
  • Summarize past employment details.
  • Understand your reasons for changing jobs.
  • Align your current and future career goals. 

What this means to you

  • Because we thoroughly understand your background and qualifications, we are able to represent you most favorably and completely to company hiring managers.
  • We provide you with in-depth company information along with valuable key insights into the person who will be conducting the interview. Therefore, you are able to walk into your interview relaxed and completely prepared.

What you can expect

  • Resume presentation and layout counseling
  • Coaching you through the resignation process
  • Interview guidance and preparation
  • Valuable advice on starting your new job
  • Long-term career planning
  • Quality check during first months at your new job

Why it makes sense to collaborate with ESS

  • Whether you are in an active job search or just passively looking, we encourage you to join our network
  • We have long established relationships with many leading companies in Southern California across a wide range of industries
  • Because of these relationships, we have access to hiring managers where others do not.