• Whether your business is a sole proprietorship, a Fortune 500 company, or something in between, Executive Search Services will partner with you to overcome recruiting challenges, cut through search process bureaucracy, and deliver a short list of highly qualified professionals to fulfill your hiring needs.
  • Our goal is to provide our clients with quality finance and accounting-, information technology-, and healthcare talent that meets your hiring objectives.
  • We do this by identifying, sourcing, tracking, collaborating and networking with, recruiting, qualifying, coaching, counseling, consulting, advising, placing and retaining top technical and consulting talent, while utilizing stellar communication-, negotiation-, and persuasive skills.
  • We have experience working on Retained, Contingency, and Consulting/Interim Staffing searches at all levels, as well as staff augmentation or project-based consulting needs

Hiring Managers

  • We invest the necessary time up front to gain a thorough insight into our client companies, meeting with you in person at your location and gaining an understanding of your vision, operating strategy, internal structure, unique culture, environment, position requirements and interview process.

What this means to your company

  • We will present you with a select group of candidates who not only have the required qualifications on paper, but also possess the intangible "off-resume" attributes that are essential for a good fit.

Every potential candidate goes through an extensive face-to-face interview with us so that we may:

  • Evaluate their professional competence
  • Summarize past employment details
  • Understand their reasons for changing jobs
  • Align their current and future career goals

What this means to you

  • Every candidate we send to you is not only professionally qualified, but is also personally interested in the position you are offering.
  • We pre-interview each candidate, allowing you to expedite your hiring process and not waste valuable time.

What you can expect

  • Assistance in defining position requirements
  • Reference checks
  • Position-specific compensation guidance
  • Use of our offices for off-site interviews
  • Employee retention counseling
  • Outplacement assistance